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Model: Ford Cobra 2004 Asset ID: M000025
Format: max Version: 5.0 File Size: 4.55MB
Type: Cars Geometry: Polygonal Polygons: 382000 Vertices:
Animated: no Textures: yes Materials: yes Jointed: no
Keywords: Keywords Ford, Cobra, SHELBY
Description: The Ford SVT Mustang Cobra is a sports car built by Ford since 1993. It is generally the highest performance version of the Mustang built by Ford, sitting in the model range above the Mustang GT model. On rare occasion, Ford produces a higher-performance Cobra R variant. Carroll Shelby lends his name to a 2007 Mustang, officially called the Shelby GT500. Ford has not announced production of a Cobra built on the newer Mustang platform. The GT500 is marked with prominent Cobra badges, long a trademark of both Shelby and SVT, and sits atop the mustang range, ostensibly replacing the SVT Cobra.
Technical notes: Other Formats of this Model 3ds
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