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Request By: mlcd   19 Sep 2008
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I need a print ad created as photo-real. I have the Ford Edge model, and the BMW X5 is available on this site. Please submit estimate and portfolio link. I have a tight comp but this site is not allowing me to post. I will send it after reviewing your work. Thank you.
Request By: sue houston   20 Nov 2007
Subject: Maya props for a short film  
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Hello, I am in the planning stages for a short animated film, and I am in need of a couple of props. Specifically, a cookie, a napkin, and a string for Maya. I picture the objects slightly cartoony as opposed to very realistic (see picture). The cookie and the napkin would be attached to the string, and the string would have some movement. I would prefer to hire someone who could both model the objects, and well as prepare it so I would be able to have some control of the string. I have an animatic of what I have planned, so feel free to email me with any questions. If you are interested, please send a link to sample work as well as your rate. Thank you very much!!
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