Do You like what You see? Do You want to know how? Then this BOOK is for You! Here You will find my first book dedicated to the modeling and vizualization process of BMW 5 seria.

A cople of pages represented here will demonstrate You how detailed the BOOK is, and how easy the learning process is with my assistance.

04 Feb 2008
Take an advantage of knowing how enjoyable driving skill could be with the new 2008 BMW X5.Precision steering unites agility with excellent directional stability.But chassis require exceptional handling. Only original technologies can provide such quality of poise and assurance. The refined power of the engine is incomparable. Being at an such advantages, the new BMW X5 possesses aspires to leadership.
Model: 3d car model BMW X5
Format: max, 3ds
04 Feb 2008
What is the most ecxiting in life? Of couse a debut with the new car. The first kind of it, first rapidity, first motion sense. Everyone of us remember his experience and mistakes. First corner, first long travel, first path. For this special feeling there is now very special car: new Audi A5. For the new ways, new facilities, new bold ideas. Become aware of charm of novelty with every trip in your life.
Model: 3d car model Audi A5
Format: max, 3ds
04 Feb 2008
The undeniable leader in selling in Europe since 1993, the mondeo, deservedly was the best selling car of its type. Fourth generation Mondeo has been met with approval in a 5-door mode of production in the end of 2006. The new model Mondeo has been presented in November 2006 on the launch day of the movie Casino Royale, and served as James Bond car for one incidental scene in the film.
Model: 3d car model Ford Mondeo
Format: max, 3ds
18 Sep 2007
There is sensational restitution of C-Class! Now it has two new faces to present the public. The fourth generation is generation of Sport style cars. Its design developed in a bold new way. It has a big badge in the middle of a lattice, and the standard fit AMG. And the second face presented the Elegance. Having the new impressive look it also supplyed with the badge on top of the cowling and a new stylish lattice.
Model: 3d car model Mercedes C350
Format: max, 3ds
26 Jul 2007
Volkswagen Touareg 2007 has kept his characteristics, cognate design, but it has got new, elegant lines thanks to the chromeplated details: to an acting radiator enclosure and a grid of air intakes in a bumper. In uniform style with last novelties Volkswagen the bent bottom of a body is executed, improved the form of exterior mirrors of a rear kind. On a roof has appeared a spoiler improving aerodynamics of the car. Last stroke to updated Touareg had given by design of head lights, they became more organic.
Model: 3d car model VW Touareg
Format: max, 3ds, FBX
10 Jul 2007
Magnificent and elegant coupe Mercedes CL is created on platform Mercedes S-slass. However appearance of the car is completely original, the coupe looks as dynamically as a so-platformed sedan. The line of power units intensify the speed strenth. Only the most powerful motors are installed into the coupe: the eight-cylinder engine in volume of 5,5 litres and power of 388 h.p. for version CL500 and the 12-cylinder motor with the double turbo-supercharging, 517 h.p. developing power, for the higher version CL600. The first motor work together with an automatic transmission 7G-Tronic, and the second with the five-band automatic transmission.
Model: 3d car model Mercedes CL
Format: max, obj, FBX
02 Jul 2007
3d model store, offering ready to use CG 3d models
Model: Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
Format: max,3ds
02 Jul 2007
Perhaps the third generation of Nissan Primera is worthy to be called the most revolutionary middle class model since the company exists. Designers has created a new a new point of view on a classical three-volume body and a position of control board in the interior. In external shape the sloping roof, accurate sides on glasses, absence of traditional bumpers, huge headlights and tail lights are evident.The wheelbase, which was increased to 2680 mm, allowed designers to create spacious interior and to increase smoothness of a running.
Model: 3d car model Nissan Primera
Format: max,3ds
02 Jul 2007
Mercedes-Benz ML-350 its second generation of midsize SUV. Comfortable off-road cars ML-class became even more convenient after the modernisation which was carried out in 2005. Now off-road cars of this class possess the updated lighting, changed a front bumper and mirrors with the established duplicating signals of turning movement. The internal interior of passenger compartment M of a class also has undergone to changes. Designers have tried to make an off-road car even more conveniently. The ML 350 goes with all-wheel drive, an automatic transmission with seven speeds, and spacious comfort for four passengers and luggage. Unlike the first generation (1998 - 2005), new M-class does not go any more as lorry.
Model: 3d car model Mercedes ML350
Format: max,3ds
30 Jun 2007
The BMW 3 series is mixture of perfect performance with luxury and economy. It is well-designed inside as well as out. Pure and clean, has great combination of color and designed in an austere style. Everything looks smooth and stylish: console, carpets, head liner and door panels are framed and overlay. It looks gloriously and with glam style from the outside due to the high quality of paint. Combination of black-and-black looks really breathtaking and luxurious. It is very good overall car.
Model: 3d car model BMW 3
Format: max,3ds
29 Jun 2007
Advent of new Freelander 2 changes the idea of what a compact off-road car premium class should be. The design of a front part creates sensation of force and confidence. The design of a front part creates sensation of force and confidence. All from distinctive cowl to the step line of roof improve that Freelander 2 is a car of really high class. The elegant interior of new Freelander 2 is carried out with the first-rate quality materials. Decoration and filling of perfectly equipped interior make one feel luxury, freedom and comfort. The new Freelander 2 supplied with 2 new power units which combined with strength,technical perfection and efficiency.
Model: 3d car model Freelander 2
Format: max,3ds
03 Jun 2007
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