Having trouble to browse through the site, or any questions you may have. I`m ready to answer your questions and help you through. Below are the frequently asked questions and answers. Before contacting me, please check if one of them addresses your problem.


- What is mpavlos.biz?
mpavlos.biz is developed as a CG portal - for the pooling of CG-related artwork, news, resources. mpavlos.biz is also a site where CG contents are traded.

- Where is mpavlos.biz located?
mpavlos.biz is located in USA, New-York.

- What if I forget my password?
Simply go to "Forgot Password" page and enter your login and email address that registered to our service. We will then send you back the new password.

- Can I use my hotmail or yahoo email to register on mpavlos.biz?
You can use any email You want. But it would be preferred if you do not use any free web mail services for this. Web mail services are not as reliable as your own domain registered email address. Free web mail services have "anti-spam / bulk email" filters which are not accurate and may filter our emails to you.

- How will you use my personal details, will my details be exposed or shared with any other third party?
Your details are solely for registration purposes. We believe in protecting the privacy of our clients as your privacy is at our first priority. mpavlos.biz will not forward details to any third parties. Privacy Policy.

- Is mpavlos.biz database centralized?
Yes, the database is centralized.

- I have got a suggestion that may help mpavlos.biz to be a better site.
I greatly appreciate your comments, please forward your suggestions to me.


- Can I use the 3d models in commercial projects?
Yes, you can use the models in commercial projects.

- Will there be any discount allowed at mpavlos.biz?
Yes, a 10% discount for any 5 or more items purchased in one transaction

- Can I re-distribute the 3d models and products purchased from mpavlos.biz?
No. Products, 3d models and any items purchased from mpavlos.biz cannot be re-distributed unless permission is granted from me.

- What if I have a problem with a purchased asset?
You can contact me for support by using the mpavlos.biz internal messaging service. If you have any other inquiries, please contact support@mpavlos.biz

- I have purchased a model but I need another format of it, would you help me to convert it to other formats?
Please ensure that before purchasing, the model that you selected is in the correct format, as mpavlos.biz do not guarantee the availability of the models in every format. But You may send me a message for such request. Maybe I can help You.

- I would like to buy a 3d model but I need that in another format, can you convert it for me?
Please send this request to support@mpavlos.biz or using the mpavlos.biz internal messaging service with the details required.

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