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Model: Nissan Primera NEW Asset ID: M000040
Format: max Version: 7.0 File Size: 6.70MB
Type: Cars Geometry: Polygonal Polygons: 438000 Vertices:
Animated: no Textures: yes Materials: yes Jointed: no
Keywords: Nissan, Primera
Description: In December 2001, Nissan introduced the third-generation Nissan Primera, its first all-new car since the alliance with Renault was formed two years earlier. The new Primera is more radically styled than previous versions. No Infiniti equivalent was released; the Nissan Skyline-based Infiniti G35 replaced the G20 in the United States. New Zealand Primeras are all equipped with continuously variable transmission; there is no manual option. The CVT is also available in the European 2.0 L and the Japanese 2.0/2.5 L (an engine not available in Europe). In that market the saloon was the mainstream model, until 2006 when the liftback variant supplanted it. Falling sales saw the Primera withdrawn from sale in the UK at the end of 2006, though production will continue for export markets until the launch of its successor in 2008.
Technical notes: Other Formats of this Model 3ds
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